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Aqua Combo – The ultimate complete filtration system

This system is including an RDF as mechanical filter and Bio Filter as discounted price!

Aqua Shower (in the picture) can be purchased separately


304 Hyundai passive stainless steel
The only RDF in the market is setup for both Gravity and Pump Feed application.
We starting this product line and design everything with the user’s point of view. You can take a part of the RDF with basic tools to replace every part of the RDF.
Like any electronic and moving machine, nothing will last forever. The RDF will eventually have problem and will need replacement parts. We are offered 2 years warranty, fully exchange for all the parts. After that you can buy the parts and will be ship out from US.
The control box:
The control box is designed and used all the parts that standard to the oil industry. All of the switches is Omron (Japanese company). This is the most important part of the RDF. It is not easy to fix due to the complexity of it. (Just like you can not fix the broken Tv by yourself). This is similar to every line of RDF in the market. It’s the best to replace the control box as the whole. Yes, you can buy extra control box if you want to have backup. The other way is replace with control box from other RDF brand. It works! We have been replacing a few RDF (RED labor and other brand) with our control box abs it works wonderful!
The Drum motor:
We use Bonfiglioli motor and they are available in the US market. You can get replacement from us or any US distributor.
The sensors:
We use electric sensors so it will never broken. But as every part of the RDF. It will available to purchase as backup.
The backbone of this product line is US custom support. We are not distributor, we manufacture and sell the products directly to the user. We believe this will make us different than every RDF product in the market.
 Aqua Studio warrants this product to be free from defects for a period of (2) years from the date of purchase. In the event any part of the product fails within the warranty period, we will repair or replace part or the whole product at our sole discretion.
Note: The Jet pump to clean the screen is not included with the RDF. Customer can purchase directly from the link below. 

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10000GPH, 15000GPH


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