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AQUA SHOWER PRO is designed to use with flow-through media such as Wavepoint Technology ceramic media. This type of media works much better than other media for converting ammonia to nitrate due to the large surface media and the amount of water flowing through it every hour.
. Each of the shower boxes included 2 internal trays to separate the media into 3 stacks. Each stack is 2 plates of the Wavepoint ceramic media (4″ height)  to create the “showers within a shower” effect.
. There are 2 layers of meshes on the bottom of each shower box to merge all the water before split it again to the next box.
. This shower needs to flow from 8k-12K gallon per hour to make it work perfectly.
*The most important design feature of the AQUA SHOWER is the minimum pressure and equal distributor head. Minimum pressure equal less pump pressure and more flow per hour. The water coming out of the showerhead is spreading evenly across all of the media (similar to the rain shower head in the bathroom). This design sets the AQUA SHOWER apart from every shower in the market and it is the most efficient shower that you can find. This feature is offered with both the ECO and PRO version. We also offer a waterfall outlet on the bottom and 4” outlets on the side.
Overall Dimension:
304 stainless steel  from Hyundai

Additional information

Weight 170 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 18 × 60 in

Economy, Premium


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